Flexible Market Data Layouts

AgriCharts allows you to add a number of Market Data pages to your website, including:

  • Market Overview Pages: Fixed tables for each major commodity grouping. Your site users can drill-down further into any grouping to view the Futures, Options, and Spreads.

  • Market Snapshot: A visually appealing display of symbols, current prices, and a mouse-over chart.

  • Futures Quote Pages: Fixed quote tables for specific commodities.

  • Custom Futures Quote Pages: Set up your own layouts, choose your own data columns.

  • Options Pages: Our options index page allows your site users to go directly to the commodity of their choosing.

  • Market Sector Heat Map: See which commodities are up, and which are down. Drill-down into the commodity sectors by clicking on the heat map.

  • Historical Futures Quote Data: Get prices for commodities based on trade date.
Sample Market Overview Page

Market Data Table
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Sample Market Snapshot

Market Snapshot

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Sample Futures Quote Page

Futures Quotes
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