Mobile Browser Website

Give Your Users Access to Your Site Wherever They Are!

AgriCharts offers your business another opportunity to get your information in front of clients. Attach a Mobile Website to your main website for people on the go!

A mobile website gives people with internet access on their cell phone, smart phone, or PDA connection to your site in a form made to fit these smaller viewing areas.

Mobile websites are a great new alternative for farmers, brokers, and other businesses on the go.

Mobile website features include:

  • Ability to customize your logo
  • Ability to customize your color scheme
  • Ability to customize select information for display on the site

To view a sample mobile site, click the link below. When the browser window opens, resize it to approximate the size of a cell phone screen to see how data is presented.

View A Sample Mobile Website

  For more information about Mobile Websites, contact AgriCharts at 877-247-4394

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